My Weight Loss Story

Hi, My name is Carolyn.

I have tried a lot of diets in the past that have not worked and one that I thought did.

You see, I have Metz Breast Cancer (I also have Type 2 Diabetes, TOS, IST and lots of side effects front the cancer treatments)  and the treatments that I had along with not being able to do very much caused me to Gain A lot of Weight! I went from a size 5 to a size 20 in 6 months time after being diagnosed in 2010 with cancer.


I tried eating right, walking a mile at lunch and taking diet pills hoping that I would lose the weight, but this didn’t work.

When my weight reached 175 lbs I refused to let the doctors weigh me unless I had to have a procedure/surgery done. At home I weighed myself every week and the numbers just keep raising up!

I finally had enough! In April 2016 That scale read 200 lbs + ! I was wearing my husbands sweats. I was not depressed I was mad! I made an appointment with a nutritionist and he made a special plan for me.

I did as he said : I ate at certain times, walked 3 miles at night and 1 mile during the day. In October of 2016 I was down to 120lbs. (FYI: walking was the only thing that I added to my already healthy eating habit) 

And as you guessed, there is a BUT:

It came when I was diagnosed with Metz Cancer July 2017 and had to have several surgeries!

Again I seen the scales going slowly back up and In a matter of months (due to not being allowed to be very active again) I went from 120lbs to 160lbs! I hated this!

Then, my daughter told me one day that she was excited because she had been losing weight rapidly by doing Herbalife teas. I didn’t want to believe this so I watched her for the next few weeks and sure enough she was losing weight by drinking the teas.. and of course she didn’t change her routine. 

One day before we went to the gym I decided to try the Herbalife tea. It tasted great and gave me energy. (I have severe fatigue but this tea gave me energy and I didn’t fall asleep at all that day … I was shocked)  I didn’t know if this tea would keep my energy up so I tried it again.  It worked great!

I decided to become a preferred member of Herbalife so we could save money on the products while going thru my weight loss journey.

I will have to let you know how this turns out because Herbalife has issued a 21day Challenge and have decided to take it! Wish me Luck!!


My Old Self

              185lbs     200+     135lbs     160lbs


New Beginnings 

Here we GO!!


Day 1:  Monday (July 9,2018) …..  159.0 lbs.



Day 1: 6am morning walk

7:15am Herbalife Shake (Cookies n Cream: Added peanut butter and cinnamon)

8am Loaded Herbalife Tea (Fruit Flavor)

9am went to Mom’s house for a short visit

9:30 to Noon—Ran all over town looking for Butane so I could refill my Torch Lighter and work on the Paracord Scorpions!

1pm Loaded Herbalife Tea (Raspberry Lemonade)

1pm – 5pm worked on the Paracord Scorpions

6pm Dinner (Church’s Chicken,   Spicy Rice and Mashed potatoes)


Day 2: Tuesday  (July 10, 2018)

No Gym again today— Mowing the Yard is going to be my workout today!!

6am – 7am Mowed the front yard

7:15am… Herbalife Cinnamon roll Shake

7:30am – 8:45am … Mowed the Back Yard.

(I know everyone says OMG why does that take so long? Well the answer is easy…. I am not fully healed yet from all my surgeries and I have chronic fatigue— therefore it takes me a while to do the yard work.)

9am…. Herbalife Raspberry Lemonade Tea

Now that I am done with the Yard Work and getting cleaned up…. I am going to work on the Paracord Scorpions I need for the Porter Peach Festival.

10am to Noon I made 7 Paracord Scorpions

1pm -6pm I made several item: Necklaces, Chockers, Earrings, etc!

(at 4pm I made Chicken Tacos for Dinner — now that it is after 6pm it is time to relax)


Day 3: Wednesday (July 11, 2018)

6am … walked 1 mile

7am… Herbalife Cookies & Cream Shake and also made a Herbalife Raspberry Tea

From 9am to 6pm I worked on making Displays and Jewelry… I took a break at 3:30pm to make our Dinner of Baked Chicken and Rice.

Day 4: Thursday (July 12, 2018)

Today is one of my Bad Days…. I have no energy and every time I walk (even just a few steps) my heart ponds really hard and fast and  then I feel drained. But as you know life goes on — SO today I did the following:

7am Herbalife Reese’s Shake and Herbalife Tea

10am I went to the Smoke Shop in Sapulpa to get Butane for my Torch Lighter… and while I was there – they were kind enough to show me how to fill the Torch Lighter.

Once I was done there, I went to West Lake Hardware to get the Wire I need to make my Scorpions.

11am to 2pm  I cut all the wire pieces that I needed for my project!

Since I am not feeling well today I have just sat around the house, made a few pieces of jewelry, made dinner and then just relaxed and watched T.V.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day 5: Friday (July 13, 2018)

I slept in today. Feeling a little better.

8:30am Herbalife Mocha Latte Shake and a Herbalife Tea.

Worked on the Jewelry until 11am when Billy and I went to lunch at Church’s Chicken. (I had Roast Chicken, Biscuit, mac & cheese and a lemonade)…. When we returned home I worked on the Jewelry until 6pm when I made us Sandwiches for Dinner.

Rest of the night is for relaxing!

Day 6: Saturday (July 14, 2018)

Slept in today

8:30am Herbalife cookies n cream shake and Herbalife Tea

9:30am ?- 11:00am Gun Range

After the gun range we visited a friend that lived near by for a while, then went to lunch.

Around 7pm Billy and I started sanding down our daughters desk. (this took a while and we are still not done.

The rest of the evening we just relaxed.

Day 7: Sunday (July 15, 2018) Weigh In Day


OMG!!!! I Gained 1.6lbs!!! 

That sucks!! So I am looking into what Herbalife Says My Weight Loss Plan Should Be!

Here is what I found!

I need to Be on Their PLAN B!

Breakfast Shake, Snack Protein, Lunch Shake, Snack Tomatoes and boiled egg,

Dinner is 600 calories!


So here is my day!

Slept in until 8am — Got up started the Laundry, made my Hubby Breakfast and then made my Herbalife Cookies n Cream Shake and Loaded Herbalife Tea!

Got my youngest daughter a wrist brace and took it to her at work! Then went grocery shopping!

Then relaxed and spent time with my hubby!

Day 8: Monday (July 16, 2018)

7am Herbalife Reese’s Shake and Herbalife Tea

8am Began to shampoo the downstairs carpets (I fell into the side table breaking my daughters sentsy warmer… Soooo I took a break and called about an upcoming craft fair and then went to pay for my booth—— The Fair is at Jenks Neighborhood Mkt on Aug 4, 2018)

When I returned home I shampooed the computer room then took a break… I still have the downstairs bedroom and hallway to do… This has already worn me out BUT I refuse to stop now… I will just have to take my time!

I finally finished the floors at 3pm and will  get to relax for 30minutes before I have to make dinner for my hubby.

My plan for the rest of  the night is  to relax because tomorrow is going to be a big day of Crafting!!

Day 9 (July 17, 2018)

6am morning walk

7:30am Herbalife  Cookies n Cream Shake and Herbalife Tea

7:30am to 5:00pm Worked on making the Officially Licensed Sports Team Paracord Bracelets.

Began to Cook dinner at 3:30pm and then time to relax for the rest of the night.

Day 10 (July 18, 2018)

7am Herbalife Cookies n Cream Shake

10am Herbalife Tea

10am to 4:30pm worked on Finishing the Paracord Sports Bracelets, made lots of Ammo Tanks and did prep work for making more Paracord Scorpions!  This is All for the Porter Peach Festival… it starts tomorrow!!

The rest of the night I plan on getting things ready for the Festival.

Hope to see you out there!!!

Day 11 (July 19, 2018)

7am Herbalife mocha shake and Herbalife Tea

9:30am to 10:30pm— I was working at the Porter Peach Festival…. Man Was IT HOT!!!!

I want to say I appreciate everyone that went to the fair today…  Hope to see more Friday night!! (I will be back at my booth at 4pm Friday)


Day 12 (July 20, 2018)

7am Herbalife cookies n cream shake and Herbalife Tea

My plan for today: Make more paracord scorpions and then head to the Festival (will be at my booth at 4pm) — Be sure to come out and see me— My booth is by the rides on the corner of  Main and Belaire!!  (I am right next to the Cobbler Oven— I am thankful that they didn’t fire that thing up yesterday 🙂   )

Day 13 (July 21, 2018)

Left our home before 6am due to being a vendor at the Porter Peach Festival…. I did not have a Shake today But I did have a Herbalife Tea…. (it was way tooooo hoooot to have a shake today since I will be out in the heat)

Festival: I left there before 5pm… I was getting way to hot and starting not to feel well at all.

Day 14 (July 22, 2018)

I sleep until almost 10am —- I didn’t feel well from yesterday).

No shake today….. I did make me a small tea around noon)

I sleep off and on until I went to get dinner… tomorrow will be better!

Day 15 (July 23, 2018)

6am Herbalife Cookies n Cream Shake and Herbalife Tea

8am Follow-up Surgeon appt for my Metz Breast Cancer: Still have fluid build up on my chest wall and I now have a rash on my neck and chest. (was advised that if the rash gets worse I need to see my oncologist)

After this dr visit I went to the clinic I used to work in for my monthly check-in with the manager. (Per LTD I still have to check in with the clinic every month) Next was PT and then home.

My plans for today are: stay out of the heat and work on making more scorpions for the next event in 2 weeks!

Day 16 (July 24, 2018)

7am Herbalife Cookies n Cream Shake and Herbalife Tea

7:15-8:30am worked on ads and looking for craft fairs!

10am grocery shopping and paying bills

1pm-4pm worked on organizing my products and supplies for the next fair.

4pm made dinner and for the rest of the night I plan to relax.

Day 17 (July 25, 2018)

7am Herbalife Shake and Herbalife Tea

8am – 3pm Laundry

3:30pm began cooking dinner

after dinner just watched TV with the Hubby

Day 18 (July 26, 2018)

7am Herbalife Shake and Herbalife Tea

(FYI: Looked out the door and the city was prepping the road for repavement… asked when it would be ok to drive on it and the worker stated that we were not allowed to until after 8pm tonight)

Sooo, Stuck in the house: can not go to the store or pay a bill…. I worked on the computer trying to figure out how to make a better order form for a better experience for my customers.

my plan for the rest of the day is cook dinner and relax

Day 19 (July 27, 2018)

7am Herbalife Shake and Herbalife Tea

I have a bad headache today…. soooo iam not going to do much.  (I did go into town and get cases of water and then when I got home I sat in the dark and tried to get rid of the headache.

Day 20 (July 28, 2018)

8am Herbalife Shake and Herbalife Tea

I still have the stupid headache!!!  I will have to see where the day leads me.

Day 21 (July 29, 2018)

9am Herbalife Tea

9:30am Cereal

Lunch I had a roastbeef  sandwich with chips and dinner was spinach dip, carrots, cheese and cheese its..

sat around all day doing laundry and watching tv… I will weigh myself in the morning.


Weigh in day!!!


So My 21 Day Herbalife Shake Challenge ends!

My weight loss journey these last few weeks went as follows:

beginning weight: 159.0

During: 160.6

Today: 158.0

I Only lost 1 pound!

I will keep you informed with the weight loss journey! I plan on still doing the shakes and teas! But I will not be posting daily.

Thank you for following me on my journey!




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