The Oklahoma Scorpion 

Scorpions are not classified as insects but as arachnids. There are approximately 50 species of scorpions that occur in the continental United States, but most of these are found in the Southwest. The exact number of species in Oklahoma has been estimated at between three and five, but only one species is common to the entire state, the Bark Scorpion.
Bark scorpions are smaller than most scorpions (1-2 inches long). The pincers are long and thin, and its abdominal segments are longer and more slender than other scorpions. The color may vary from light tan to a darker golden brown. It is also the only scorpion that curls its tail to the side while at rest.
They often ambush their prey, lying in wait as they sense its approach. They consume all types of insects, spiders, centipedes, and other scorpions. 
The venom of the bark scorpion may produce severe pain (but rarely swelling) at the site of the sting, numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulties in breathing (including respiratory paralysis), muscle twitching, and convulsions. Death is rare, especially in more recent times. Antivenin is available for severe cases. Certain people, however, may be allergic to the venom and can experience life-threatening side effects when stung (as occurs with bee stings).

I can See Why Oklahomans Don’t Like These Little Critters! But, I make the Nice Paracord Scorpions that Help you NOT Hurt You! 


As you can see you can make them any color you want to. 

These Little Critters are used for So Many Different things:

Cell Phone Holder, Bracelet, Hair Clip, Key Cain, Business Card Holder, Toy, Insect Repellent, Decoration,  etc


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Each Scorpion takes 2hrs to make…
Please allow 1-3 days Making the Item and Shipping the Item Out.
For Qty please see the chart below:
1-3 Scorpions 1-3 days
4-7 Scorpions 5-7 days
8-10 Scorpions 7-10 days

If you are wanting to Order more than 25 Scorpions please contact me for est. time of  Days to make your requested purchase !


All Purchases from my website are considered a Donation since I have Cancer and the Proceeds will go toward my Treatments, Doctor Appointments and Medications.
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Thank you for your Purchase!
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