My Home Based Business has been a Blessing to me Since I was forced to “Retire” due to my Metz Breast Cancer.
I love making things with my hands and this was how Custom Paracord & Jewelry by Carolyn was born.
Making jewelry & Scorpions all day helps to take my mind off all my medical issues and is a blessing to have my mind set on something else. I put everything I have into each and every  item I make.  
It may sound weird, maybe a little stupid.. But, If you have not been thru the hell that I have lived since being diagnosed with cancer and then told I have Metz cancer, you may not get this.
I see beauty in the most Ugliest of things and I try to bring out their beauty for all to see.  Don’t get me wrong I love to make beautiful jewelry. But I love and I mean love to go shopping just to look to see if I can find that one special piece of “Coal” to turn into a “Diamond”.


This is how my Brand came to life: The Scorpion!
The Scorpion is my Coal that I turned into a Diamond!  


I just love that deep absorption and consideration of the object to be made and how the raw materials together to make the unique item. 
While working on the jewelry the hours pass like minutes, especially when I’m deep in the process of thinking, sketching, cutting, and creating the item.
The Best Part of creating the Jewelry or Item(s) is: 
  • the Gratification of creating something unique that hasn’t existed before.
  • You make someone happy 
  • It’s fashionable
  • It can be an heirloom to start a family tradition
  • It’s a social signifier.  It shows wealth and status to others around.
  • It is a form of art that interacts well with one’s style.
  • Has the power that can make you feel completely unique.
I just want everyone to know that just because you have a medical condition (Cancer, Diabetic, Heart Disease, etc) you don’t have to just sit around the house and do nothing. You can always do things to keep yourself busy. Weather it be crafts, helping others, blogging, watching kids, starting your own business, etc.  
I just want to say: Don’t Give Up! Don’t Stop!
Losing Is Not An Option!


I didn’t Give Up and Look where I am now! I have my own business. 


These are just a few items from the online store.
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All Purchases from my website can be considered a Donation since I have Cancer and the Proceeds will go toward my Treatments, Doctor Appointments and Medications.
To see more about my story please visit
Thank you for your Purchase!


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