Pet Scan Denied By Insurance Company!

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Update: 2/15/2019  I spoke to BCBS last week after my husband and I got back from our Well Deserved Vacation and They approved of a one time Pet Scan. 

There is Just One Catch it has to be within 30days  of their Approval! But here is the bad thing about this… I don’t go back to see the Oncologist until May 23, 2019 so the Pet Scan Will Not be scheduled by the Doctors office until the week before my appointment with the doctor! (Pet Scan is Scheduled for May 13, 2019)

After BCBS hears this, this is what I was advised! They will not reapprove the scan, I will have to pay out of pocket for the scan $1632.20. 

Now, the Oncologist thinking that they are being nice offer me a deal: I have to pay them $200.00 up front plus the co-pay before I can have the scan, then $200.00 a month for 12 months. Mind you I have to have these scans every 12 weeks! So, If the Insurance will not pay that means  $6528.80 a year just for the scans plus $200.00 office co-pay just for that office, and then I have the other cancer doctors, and regular PCP that I see every three months because of this Stupid Cancer!! By the end of the year my medical will be close $10,000.00 (medications and co-pays)

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1/15/2019…… As most of my readers know I have Stage 3 Metz Breast Cancer and I try to make the most of my days. But what everyone does not know or they just really choose to not see is: Cancer patients have good days and bad days.

We have more Bad Days than Our Loved Ones will ever know! Our pain on a daily bases in unbearable but we make the best of it and when we are asked. We just smile and say “we are Ok” but we are really not. Our Body hurts, we are extremely tired and we feel broken with no future in our sights. 

Now, don’t get me wrong we have our good days too. There  are days we have energy (not a lot, but some), the pain is not a 15 out of a 10 but maybe its a 9…. so in our book that is a good day. Plus we see family, friends, have an outing, etc…. this gives us hope for the future.

Then the reality hits us like a brick truck when you get a call from your Oncologist office saying that your scans are denied  because the Insurance Company has a new process and they want me to take more tissue samples (surgery) and chemotherapy before they will approve the Pet Scan that my doctor and I have agreed I will do every 12 weeks instead of the unneeded chemotherapy after my last three surgeries (tumor removal from scalp, scalp resection, neck resection, lymph node removal, potorid glad removal) in Aug and Sept 2017! 


Yes, this is ridiculous!

But as a patient I have no say in what the Insurance Company is doing!


All I Can Say is:

I do not think it is right that they dictate that I have a treatment that I don’t want!!! (Even my Doctor from MD Anderson Advised against having Chemotherapy!)  


Insurance Companies don’t care how they make cancer patients feel when they deny they test that are needed.

I just want to Stand up and Yell!

I did not ask to get cancer!

I did not ask for my life to be turned upside down!

I did not as for my body to be destroyed by surgeries, chemo and radiation  treatments!

And I did not ask for my body to be in pain every single day!!

But as you know, yelling gets you no where! Feeling sorry for ones self also gets no where! So, where does that leave me?

Still fighting! As I have been since 2010!

I have fought since 2010 to put on a Brave face no matter the news I have been given: surgeries, scans, chemo, radiation, etc, etc, etc…. But I am tired of putting on the brave face.

I am in a lot of pain! I hurt from all the surgeries, treatments and side effects of this fucking cancer shit!



Here is my cancer reality: (I am sure I have missed a few)

7/19/2010: 3 Biopsies and 1 needle aspiration

 8/23/2010: Lumpectomy with SNL biopsy

 9/20/2010: Port placement surgery

 6/3/2011: Port removal surgery

10/5/2011: (7 surgeries in 1 day) Breast reconstruction: bilateral breast augmentation, fat grafting from back and side to make new mounds and fill in the hole the port left in my chest, breast lift, removal of radiated skin, nipple sparing surgery.

12/18/2012: (6 surgeries in 1 day) Breast reconstruction: right breast augmentation, left breast reduction, removal of radiated skin, breast lift, nipple sparing surgery, fix capillary pocket on the right side.

12/20/2013: 2nd Hysterectomy (removal of ovaries and tubes: since I had this laparoscopic and have several holes this is 2 surgeries in 1 day)

4/1/2014: Right Breast biopsy x3

5/29/2014: Left breast biopsy x3

9/3/2015: Bilateral mastectomy

7/11/2017: Scalp biopsy x3 

8/22/2017: Scalp resection

8/29/2017: Scalp reconstruction

9/15/2017: Lymph node removal, parotid gland removal, scrapped downed to carotid artery   

11/2018: Had to have a couple of teeth removed because the broke due to chemo and radiation treatments!

My total surgeries/procedures where: 40+ 

This does not include of course all the chemotherapy treatments, radiation treatments, mammograms, breast MRI’s, ultrasounds, pet-scans, bone scans, lab work, etc. because these go into the hundreds.  This is why again, I am glad my journey is over and I pray that the cancer never returns.


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I have learned a lot of things over the years from battling this cancer.

 1st: Always get a second opinion and if you need to, get a third.

 2nd: Don’t be afraid to research your cancer and procedures before you have them. 

 3rd: Don’t be afraid to speak up to your doctors, especially when you are not feeling well.   Because, I now have to live with a lot of side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation damage for the rest of my life: Unfortunately, here is the long list of them: 


Here are my Side effects from All the “Cancer Treatments” from 2010 to Present and that I am still fighting with today!

* headaches are worse

* blurry vision at times (had my vision checked and was fine with slight changes until 2018: now I have the beginnings of cataracts)

*fatigue (tired all the time)

* hot flashes and night sweats

* dizziness at times

* nauseated all the time (with and without vomiting, plus dry heaving)

*bone, muscle and joint pain

*lower back pain all the time (this makes me feel really old)

*cough (but lungs are clear)  

*hair falling out (head, arm pits, legs, etc.)


*itchy skin on arms, head and back

*diarrhea/constipation (can happen in the same day: which is strange :/ )

*weight gain (I used to weigh 120lbs before last surgery in 2017 now I weigh 160 lbs.+)

*vaginal dryness

*renal disorder (stage 3)

*stiff joints

*facial flushing/ or paleness

*no sex drive at times (I feel bad for my spouse)                  

*no appetite                                       

*the right side and the tip of my tongue is numb (radiation damage)

*I get cold easily                                

*my nails now have nasty looking ridges on them

*I got a blue nevus on my head after starting chemo. removed first time and told not to worry about it but it keep growing and I had it removed Aug/Sept 2017 and was Very, Very Cancerous!

*severe leg/feet cramps                      

*TOS is worse

*hands ache all the time                     

* blood sugars are messed up (but a1c’s are good)

*neck pain on the right side is worse due to the TOS and recent neck/scalp surgeries

*loss of voice at times due to the radiation damage to my throat

*food taste like dirt (radiation damage)

*IST is worse (I have to pace my walking more and rest more)       

* Chemo fog

Again, the reaction I get from the all my doctors are: “The side effects will clear up over time. You just need to be patient but if they become unbearable please let us know.”

(Well 2010-2019: I’d say the side effects will not be leaving me soon)!

So, for all the reasons above I finally broke down and have asked for help from my Oncologist because in the past she had asked me if I wanted my “Weed Card” and I had declined it because I have never done Drugs. I am now to the point that I am willing to try CBD oil to see if it will help with the pain and she is Denying to help me get the card and that I need to go to a Pain Specialist to be placed on Pain Killers with a Pain Contract.

This is Stupid!! I Don’t want Pain Killers I don’t like how they make me feel plus they don’t work anyways! Contracts! Really, I worked in Health Care And I Know How those work!! No Thank You!! CBD Oil is natural and I have heard a lot of good things and think its worth trying. I just need my doctor on my side!

I have more Doctor appointments this week. Wish me Luck!



Is there anyone out there that has used the CBD oil for Cancer pain? Can you please tell me anything about your experience? Did your Oncologist agree to this treatment? How much CBD Oil do you use? Any help is greatly appreciated.




Remember Losing Is not an Option!





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