Happy 77th Birthday Dad (R.I.P.)

Today is a Happy, Sad Day! It is my dads 77th birthday. (R.I.P.)

You See, my Hero, Jackie Eugene Laughter passed away in 2011 due to complications of Agent Orange.

I can sit here and complain how much I miss him and just cry But I know he would just stand there and look at me with love in his eyes and say “Boy, there is nothing to cry for. We will see each other again soon. Now be good for your mother and give me lovins”.  Then give me lots of Kisses and a Big Bear Hug!

How I miss those days when he would say those words to me and then tie one of this cut boot stings to my wrist and say “This is our life line, Don’t remove it until I get home. I have mine tied to me and you have yours tied to you.”

You see, my Dad was in the ARMY and he fought in the War and for OUR Country in Several Conflicts, in fact during his 21 year active duty career, he served tours of duty in Kentucky, Korea (3 tours), Washington, Vietnam, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Cuba, Cambodia, and Germany. In 1968 he was assigned to help protect President Lyndon B Johnson.

Seeing him leave to join his troop was heart breaking. We would watch them march off and listen to them sing their silly tones until we could no longer see them, but waiting for return home was worse, we listened for the TANKS!

Tanks meant the troops were coming home! This is what we wanted to hear and you could hear these coming three miles away! And yes when dad came home he would cut off the boot lace and mom would but it way until the next time dad would have  to leave again and the string would be retied to my wrist.

To this day, I love the sound of tanks!

I have a lot of memories of my dad, not just when lived overseas when he fought in the war but when we moved back here to the USA: we traveled a lot, my parents bought “The Land” (10 acres), he took me hunting, fishing, camping, taught me to shoot a gun, taught me to fight, he got to walk me down the aisle when I got married, was there for me when I was diagnosed with cancer, the day he passed away.

He left this earth way to early.

I would love it if you could share your memories/ stories so my children and grandchildren can also know what a wonderful man he was.

Thank you to everyone that will share their stories, pictures, videos, etc.  It means a lot not just to me But to our entire family. All the stories will keep his memory alive!


Jackie Eugene Laughter

March 15, 1942 – October 28, 2011 







Here  are Memories from Family that I took from Facebook and placed Here for all to enjoy! I will Add More as they Come in Unless They use the Comment Section on this Website!

Thank you to those that have shared their memories of my dad, All memories help to Heal your Hearts!


Tina Coats I miss grandpa like crazy, I wish he was here to see me and the kids and just to sit and talk. God I miss that man’s voice 😥 I know he is watching from heaven but I wish he was here on earth. he left to soon 😥
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Tina Coats I remember this one day when I was younger, I was like 4 or maybe 5 years old, I think it was before my sister Tori Murphy was born) my grandparents had came to visit us at the trailer we had lived in, I was dressed up like a nurse or doctor and giving Grandpa a “check-up” and he asked “what would you like to be when you grow up” I told him I wanted to be a nurse, because I wanted to help people. Momma (Carolyn Murphy) do you remember grandpa telling me that I would make a great nurse? Then he sat me on his lap and we made silly face and joked around laughing. I miss my grandpa like crazy and wish heaven wasn’t so far away, I wish he was here to see me go through college and become a medical professional. I wish my girls got to know him like we did or like their brother got to know him. He is forever my guardian angel and I know he is proud of me. Just today is emotional, I would give anything to hear his voice again, to hear him call me his “little boy” just one more time, to sit there and listen to all of he crazy jokes or stories, to be able to give him a hug or tell him I love him. He was taken from us way to early, but I know that he is no longer in pain or suffering from the painful side effects of his cancer, diabetes, blindness or the Agent Orange. He will forever and always be my hero.

Carolyn Murphy yes, I remember. and it was a fun day…. he would tell you to keep up the good work and not to give up.
Tina Coats I remember that, he would always encourage me to follow my heart and reach for the stars too 🙂


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Jean Arechiga I sure miss you uncle Jackie. I always remember every time we would go to Oklahoma, you and the family would always come visit us. You would always tease (in a good way) and tell jokes and make me laugh. I have memories of us all just sitting on grandmas porch and talking. Thank you for being such an amazing uncle. Miss and love you.
Carolyn Murphy he loved you a lot and loved to tease you because you were one of his “boys” 🙂

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Cheyanne Scott I dont remember alot but I do remember for a fact he called all his grand daughters “little boys” because he wanted a boy in the family.
I’m pretty sure once he got a grandson he called him a “little girl.”
Poor guy was totally out numbered 😂😂

He was very caring. A jokester and from what I remember loved to watch/ listen to “wrastlin.” (Wwe)

Carolyn Murphy yes he called Sean a “little girl” and Sean used to get really mad at him…. Unfortunately Sean was to little for us to explain to him the reason that dad called us boys and boys girls… one day we will get to explain this to him 🙂
Cheyanne Scott Carolyn Murphy I always got mad at him too until it finally clicked in my hamster wheel 😂😂
Shoot he would always ask too if we wanted to check our sugar to see how “sweet” we were.
Tina Coats Me and Tori Murphy would typically say “we aren’t boys grandpa, we are girls silly” and just laugh about it and I remember the day that I told him he was finally getting a little boy in the family, he was excited and the day he got to hold him (and feed him) he looked at me and said “I finally gots me a little girl!” Omg I remember that too, he always said we was too sweet and he needed to check our sugar to see exactly how sweet we were
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Susan Laughter Tatum I remember when you all would come to ok, dad would get excited to see him. Us girls would play outside all day. We would yell daddy, and they both would say “what”.
Carolyn Murphy LOL and then chase us around the yard… it was fun 🙂
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Jim Laughter I always enjoyed it when Jackie came home on furlough from the Army. He was such a cut up and goof ball with his dry humor. I remember one year when I was still very young, he and Mural come home to visit. Mural asked him to go to Staiger’s grocery in Kellyville (our home town) to buy her some feminine products. But Mural was too embarrassed to tell him what it was she needed. Instead, she told him to go to the store and just ask the clerk for some “YOU KNOW WHAT.” So he and I went to the store. Jackie stood right there at the cash register and asked the lady clerk if she had any YOU KNOW WHAT for sale. Needless to say, there was a quiet moment in the store. Yep, that was my brother….
Carolyn Murphy Jim Laughter I can see dad doing that lol
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