One Step Closer To Beating Cancer!!

You are probably wondering why there is a slideshow of our car wreck on this blog story today.  Your answer: Because that is how my Cancer Journey Began!

That Car wreck gave me Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Trauma Induced Breast Cancer from the seat belt!

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As most of you know I have been battling cancer since 2010. I have gone thru treatments, surgeries, I deal with tons of side effects from the treatments and surgeries daily, and of course having Pet Scans Every 12 weeks since being diagnosed with Metz Cancer in 2017!

The worse side effects are the severe bone pain, chronic fatigue, neck pain and neck swelling! Oh, and I still can not hear out of my right ear!


(See the knot on the side of my neck– it has been that swollen since surgery in 2017 and refuses to go down. It even swells more sometimes which makes it hurt worse plus I don’t have good range of motion in my neck due to it)


I have battled years thru Surgeries, Physical Therapy, CT Scans, Pet Scans, Labs, Thoundsands of Doctor appointments, taking years of Chemotherapy, Radiation treatments, been given the wrong treatment, etc… I could go on and on. (As I am  sure a lot of cancer patients would understand) . 

I decided I didn’t want anyone else to go thru what I did, so I published my cancer journey. I have also placed information about cancer programs in the back of the book that will help cancer patients and their families.

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Yesterday my husband took me to the oncologist to get my recent Pet scan results.   We sat in silence not knowing what to except. Good news, more bad news, etc…

I am so used to years of battling that i am ready for anything she has to say! 

Finally, the Doctor walks in, greets us and then slowly tells us and shows us the scan results! I can’t believe it I finally hear and see the word for the first time on my Pet Scan: No Evidence of Metabolically active tumor!

OMG!!! I am so freaking excited!! Remission? Maybe?? 

My oncologist says “No More Pet scans now unless there is something strange in my lab work (which would be in later) or if they find a lump or “something” on a physical examine.”

(Since I have six doctors, I still have examines every month! If there is any issue one of them is sure to find it! )

But I am so excited!! No more getting into that machine!

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I got my labs back this morning!

My Glucose High, Alk Phos High, Phos Low, Bun High!

Diagnoses: Stage IIIC, Malignant melanoma of scalp and neck and Malignant neoplasm of upper-outer quadrant of right female breast!

Return to Clinic in 6 months for Labs and Office Visit!


Now what?

Of course, Got to get Those Labs Down! Plus I Got to Lose Weight! But …. What to do in the Mean time……. I know!!!!

Spending more Family!!

Top Pic: Me and Hubby
Bottom Left: Granddaughter Alex (Tina’s Daughter)
Bottom Middle: Tori and her 2 Step Children Livy and Eli
Bottom Right: Tina and her Daughter Emerald


Travel More!



Work on my On-Line Business and Craft Shows More!

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I might just do it all!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers though out my Cancer Journey!

I really appreciate you a lot!


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