Baby Smoke

Here is the Life of Our Little Maine Coon Kitten


He was born on 2/2/2020… we got him on 2/22/2020!

This is the Car Ride Home, he was so scared!


Day 1, and Smoke has already found “His Spot” on the couch.

He loves laying next to Billy, snuggling up to his arm and falling asleep!

The next few days, were just getting to know each other better! Plus, since he was so little I had to litter train him to!


In just the Short Few weeks you can see a change in him!

Last Picture is When I Told him NO so he looks Sad!


Here are Pictures of Him Laying Down! Just Look at How he has Grown!

Picture on left: 2/22/2020 age 3weeks old

Picture on top right: 4/13/2020 age 10 weeks old

Picture  on bottom left: 4/19/2020 age 11weeks old (he is grown so much now he has to lay diagonal just to lay on his spot!)


The Vet Visit


He even had his 1st Vet Appointment during this Covid-19 Outbreak! We drove up to the clinic. They had a “Call Us  When You are in the Parking Lot Protocol”

So we called let them know were there. Then they would call us back to let us know when they were ready for our appointment!

When it was finally our turn (an hour later) I meet the nurse at the back door and she took smoke to see the Vet! About 30minutes later I got another call from the Vet asking all kinds of questions! (how is he doing at home, is he eating well, playing ok, is his poop runny or regular, is he drinking milk, etc) I answer all the questions and then she says she will call me back after Smokes Exam! 20minutes later I get another call! The Vet tell me, Smoke is in Great Health. No parasites, no Flea, no health issues at all, He weighs 4.6lbs but he is growing So Fast that he could weigh 5lbs by the next day! But that he did good with his vaccines, and that he will be tired and sore for the rest of the day!

He goes back in 3 weeks for his Booster Shoots (May 6, 2020) and July 5, 2020 to be “FIXED”!!


Next step is his Kitten Training!

The Harness!

He loves going outside and he is learning that he has to have the Harness on to go!

Even with the lead on he doesn’t go to far from me!

The 2 noises that he really hates: the coyote call (on the predator call), and airplanes…. these make him either run straight to me or right to the back door wanting to go back inside the house!


I will Add more pictures of Smoke as he grows!



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