My Cancer Story

This is My Personal Cancer Video!!

I now have Stage 3 Metz Breast Cancer!

I was Diagnosed 7/2010 with Breast Cancer and had Over 30 Surgeries to Battle the Cancer along with Chemo (the Red Devil) and Radiation! But, The Doctors would not listen to me a tumor on my head and for years it grew and grew!!

Long Story Short! It is Metz Breast Cancer that has also moved into the lymph nodes! I have now had 3 more major surgeries, had to stop working and be placed on disability!

This Video is a Small Glimpse of What I have gone thru

since being diagnosed in July 2010:


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If you would like to read more about my Cancer Journey you can read my Journal that I published.

I hope that everything that I went thru from being treated Incorrectly to be fired for having Cancer is something that no one will have to ever go thru.

So in publishing journal my hope is that my Story (even if only a small part of it) helps someone else.

You can find it on Amazon…. Just Click Here for Paperback!  Or Click Here for Digital!

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This is the Famous Car Wreck that started my Breast Cancer Journey!! As you can see we were hit so hard the Metal rippled plus our airbags did not deploy!


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